Welcome to ErgonomicWorks

What we do. ErgonomicWorks offers a full range of ergonomics consulting services – from one-time evaluations to full-scale, comprehensive program planning and training – for individuals and for commercial clients in the Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA region. We also do Remote Ergonomic Evaluations for clients across the US.

We evaluate existing workstations, floorplans, work processes, equipment and policies to find gaps in safety compliance. Our consultants will make recommendations to improve employee comfort and workflow, and to prevent injuries. See Services for a full description of Ergonomics Works’ services.

Ergonomics Planning • Workers’ Compensation • Loss Prevention / Risk Mitigation • Safety Management • Training • Facility Inspections • Regulatory Compliance • Environmental Audits • Workplace Design Planning • Accident Investigations • Expert Testimony • Disability Claims Evaluation • Return to Work Management

Where. ErgonomicWorks evaluates home offices, laboratories and other workplaces (within the private, public and academic sectors) for clients ranging from sole proprietors/entrepreneurs to large-scale businesses with thousands of employees.

Expertise. We bring a stellar track record for designing and managing EHS (environmental health and safety) programs, including inspections, hazardous materials elimination, safety training, disaster planning and compliance program design.

Our experts include an engineer with a decade-plus of workplace assessment and product design experience. ErgonomicWorks’ team is headed by founder Azi Imandel, a Certified Ergonomist with a Master’s degree in Safety, Security, Emergency Management and Ergonomics and ongoing education certificates in Workplace Safety and Ergonomics.

We’re a certified Woman-owned Small Business (WOSM) and a SAM (System for Award Management) business eligible for federal contracts, including FEMA projects. Learn more reasons to choose ErgonomicWorks: Why Us?

Risk Assessment

When designing a work space, or updating an office, an Ergonomic Risk Assessment provides a quantitative analysis identifying hazards and the risk-level of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) for each job/task.

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Expert Witness Consulting

A Certified Professional Ergonomist will review case arguments, testimony and assumptions to provide your team with the facts. We also perform pre-trial simulations and provide expert deposition and trial witness services.

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Training Services

Ergonomicworks training provides how-to instruction about ergonomics awareness, job safety, and wellness topics such as: exercises to avoid repetitive motion injuries, proper equipment usage and other safe-work practices.

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Return to Work

We will appoint an accredited rehabilitation and RTW expert to liaise with employees, doctors, insurance agents and attorneys for your disability claims and cases – and to develop complete return to work and duties plans.

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