Why Us

Why partner with ErgonomicWorks?

Expertise. Our experts include an engineer with a decade-plus of workplace assessment and product design experience. ErgonomicWorks’ team is headed by founder Azi Imandel. Azi is a Certified Ergonomist with a Master’s degree in Safety, Security, Emergency Management and Ergonomics and ongoing education certificates in workplace safety and ergonomics. What is more, ErgonomicWorks is certified as a Woman-owned Small Business (WOSM) and as a SAM (System for Award Management) business eligible for federal contracts, including FEMA projects. Learn more about Azi on our About Us page.

Increased productivity and employee retention. Providing every employee with ergonomic tools isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s good business. A sound ergonomics program pays dividends in improved performance and will positively impact your organization’s culture and moral. Creating a comfortable work environment, where job-task-related pain and discomfort are greatly reduced, shows you prioritize employees’ well-being. People work harder and practice dedication for employers who care.

Programs for individuals and entrepreneurs. Ergonomics isn’t just for big businesses. We conduct individual Ergonomic Evaluations for anyone who wants to prevent discomfort or pain while working, including students who need to sit at computers for long periods of time.

Cost savings. ErgonomicWorks has saved hundreds of companies thousands of dollars in lost time and claims due to on-the-job injuries. We’ve also saved clients money simply by training employees about proper use of chair and equipment operations and adjustments.

Safety and legal compliance. Ergonomic Evaluations and safety inspections of workplace designs and equipment will help your organization meet local, state and national OSHA guidelines and regulations for safe office, factory and workstation safety. We provide full-service ergonomics: onsite and remote audits, professional site design, equipment, installation, return to work consultations, and training programs to meet your organization’s compliance needs. ErgonomicWorks also reviews legal cases and provides expert testimony.


Benefits of our services

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved quality of work
  • Improved health and safety
  • Reduced OSHA fines and Workers’ Compensations
  • Lower lost work time
  • Lower worker turnover rate
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved quality of life