At ErgonomicWorks, we know that every individual’s work environment requirements are unique, so the customer service we provide is 100% focused on you!

Our team of ergonomic experts takes pride in ensuring each person gets the right products, training and work-area layout for his/her needs. ErgonomicWorks solutions have helped thousands of people improve comfort, safety and productivity at work – from home office entrepreneurs, to staff and students at universities, to employees at laboratories and other for-profit companies in the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions (and via Remote Evaluations throughout the US).

Ergonomics for businesses. According to Harvard Business Review, each dollar business owners invest in corporate wellness yields an estimated return of $3.80 per employee. How? Proper ergonomics improves productivity, reduces lost-work hours, and mitigates injury-related risk.

Whether you’re designing a new facility or need to upgrade a current space, ErgonomicWorks will assign an expert consultant to evaluate your work area, discuss your goals and present a world-class ergonomics program for your organization.

Facing employee claims or lawsuits (or seeking to prevent litigation)? Ergonomicworks has full scale services: return to work planning, FEHA/ADA compliance recommendations, case reviews, expert witness testimony, and more.

Ergonomics at home. If you’re a student or at-home worker, a home office setup providing proper body alignment is critical. Otherwise, repetitive motions (e.g., hunching over a computer) can produce neck and wrist pain, among other injuries.

With ErgonomicWorks’ help, it’s relatively simple to make small changes to create an ergonomically-sound home office. We’ll evaluate your work habits, furniture, equipment and workstation layout, and advise you about immediate changes to incorporate ergonomic practices into your home office.


Risk Assessment & Workplace Design

  • Facility assessments (workflow, equipment, risk areas, etc.)
  • Office and laboratory workstation design
  • Ergonomic workflow design for new construction and retrofits

Equipment Reviews & Ordering 

  • Equipment needs assessment
  • Product/tools design testing and analysis
  • Training employees to use ergonomic tools

Employee Training

  • Training programs
  • Office ergonomics: employee awareness and how-to instruction
  • Safety training
  • Ergonomics Team development

Return to Work

  • Accredited rehabilitation and RTW coordinators
  • Liaison for client, employee, doctors, insurance agents and attorneys
  • Develop comprehensive return to work plans and suitable duties lists

FEHA/ADA Compliance

  • Disability practices and policy compliance
  • ADA/ FEHA/Workers’ Compensation interactive process management
  • Essential functions job analysis development
  • Reasonable accommodations meeting facilitation

Lawsuit Prevention & Testimony

  • Case review
  • Pre-trial testing and simulation
  • Expert deposition and trial witness