Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

An Ergonomic Risk Assessment is a quantitative analysis which identifies workplace hazards, and determines the level of risk to an employee of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) while performing each job/task.

Why do you need an Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) for each position within your organization? ERAs mitigate risk and improve efficiency. These scientific-method evaluations offer objective criteria for creating job descriptions, which affect hiring, training, performance evaluations, and accommodation of and supervision of persons with/without disabilities.

Ergonomic Risk Assessments also provide documentation for workers’ compensation (and other injury claims) and return to work programs, so physicians and legal parties are aware of specific work restrictions – including your organization’s active role in injury prevention.

The Ergonomic Risk Assessment process. A certified Ergonomicworks consultant uses an unbiased measurement process to gather quantitative data, including relevant weights, push/pull forces, grip forces, working heights, reaches, postures and frequency of tasks for each job. We also collect detailed data about workstation layouts and workflow.

Your employee(s) and management staff can be actively involved in the process by answering questions, identifying hazards/challenges and commenting on discomfort-causing tasks. Employees will be asked to demonstrate work positions/tasks, and are provided with an opportunity to suggest potential solutions or changes to the workstation and/or equipment.

The collected data is compared to standardized guidelines (i.e., NIOSH manual material handling equation, Liberty Mutual tables, Strain Index, RULA, and other relevant models) to determine the level of risk of developing a MSD injury for each task.

The ErgonomicWorks consultant will finalize the assessment by providing a full report detailing the identified hazards, associated risk levels, ergonomic assessment tools utilized, and recommendations for each position – such as the types of ergonomic equipment and safety training that may reduce MSD injury risk.

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