Request a Remote Ergonomic Evaluation

A remote office ergonomic evaluation is an evaluation that is conducted by a qualified ergonomist or Environmental Health and Safety Specialist who does not reside in the same physical environment as the person being evaluated but has the ergonomics experience and credentials to conduct effective ergonomics evaluations.

Benefits of Remote Office Ergonomics Evaluation
  • Cost effective
  • Time effective
  • No time away from work
OSHA Statement

The evidence OSHA has assembled and analyzed indicates that technologically and economically feasible measures are available to significantly reduce exposures to ergonomic risk factors and the risk of developing work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

Ergonomicworks Onsite Evaluations will:

Save time — the evaluation can occur within 24 hours of the employee or yourself completing the survey.
Save money — onsite evaluations can be costly in travel and consulting fees.