Lawsuit Prevention & Testimony

Lawsuit Prevention & Testimony

ErgonomicWorks provides comprehensive lawsuit prevention and expert witness consulting services for public and private sector clients: in the San Francisco and LA areas, and throughout the US.

The claims process and work-related litigation can be overwhelming. Essentially, we’ll provide case management and testify as an expert witness on your behalf when needed.

Our certified Professional Ergonomists have the training and experience to recognize how worker’s compensation claims and accommodation decisions impact your bottom line (related to collective bargaining, due process obligations, OSHA compliance, the Education Code, retirement plan regulations, and more). We’ll help you navigate the waters and protect your interests, while balancing the need for employees to have safe work environments.

Case review and management. Ergonomicworks offers ergonomics review services to prevent claims from going to trial and to manage cases currently in litigation. We have worked with a wide range of organizations, including small to large businesses, academic and government institutions, and insurance companies.

We’ll coordinate your entire case management operations. First, we’ll gather and review documentation (e.g., workplace injury, violence or security incident reports, contracts, and work orders); and create and maintain a claim tracking log. Then, we’ll perform employee follow-up, while building productive relationships with the key stakeholders such as: upper management, defense attorneys, physicians, OSHA inspectors and witnesses to incidents and accidents.

After analyzing the facts, we’ll assess arguments and prepare written responses to complaints and/or case summaries for settlement agreements (if applicable).

Pre-trial testing and simulation. ErgonomicWorks is experienced in organizing and conducting focus groups and holding mock trials to assess the strength of the plaintiff’s case and the defense’s arguments. We’ll provide post-event analysis and next-step recommendations regarding settlements and go-to-trial scenarios.

Expert deposition and trial witness. We have your back. A certified Professional Ergonomist will provide testimony supporting your organization’s efforts to make reasonable accommodations to employees, and to comply with FEHA/ADA disability laws and OSHA regulations as it pertains to your case.