Equipment Reviews & Ordering

Equipment Reviews & Ordering

Most workplace ergonomic modifications are affordable even for ErgonomicWorks’ home office clients. This is especially true when comparing the cost of ergonomic products and implementation training to the benefits gained, such as daily comfort, reduced injury and related mitigated risk (lost work, worker’s compensation claims and lawsuits).

We work with sole proprietors, small businesses and large organizations in the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions (and remotely across the US) to improve employee wellbeing and productivity – while enhancing company culture and embracing safety compliance. Our team uses ergonomic products, too. We know the benefits of working in a user-friendly environment.

Equipment needs assessment. If you already know the types of ergonomic equipment your organization needs, ErgonomicWorks will review the list you’ve assembled, discuss the jobs/tasks related to these products, and quickly make equipment and tools recommendations.

A key factor that’s often missing from employer purchases of ergonomic equipment is getting input from individual employees about their work habits, preferences, physical limitations and medical conditions. We also prefer to evaluate your overall workplace design and workflow before recommending ergonomic tools. If we ascertain some ergonomics needs are not being met with the equipment you have in mind, we may suggest performing an Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) for each position within your organization – before ordering equipment.

If you prefer, we’ll also coordinate the purchase process: identifying the best suppliers within your budget, placing orders, and tracking shipments delivery.

Product/tools design testing and analysis. Ergonomicworks is an impartial consultant: we do not (and will not) have any partnerships, affiliations or resale deals with any ergonomics tools or equipment manufacturers. This means we provide unbiased recommendations based solely upon our experience analyzing the design integrity of ergonomic tools through the hands-on testing we conduct to evaluate quality, performance and potential longevity of use for each product.

Our goal is to help customers find products, tools and innovative ideas that have been thoroughly researched, developed and produced based on proven ergonomic principles.

Training employees to use ergonomic tools. You/your organization may already have some ergonomic equipment in place that’s not being used properly – an ErgonomicWork’s Professional Ergonomist can pinpoint these issues and help employees make simple modifications, such as adjusting chair or computer monitor heights or adding or repositioning footrests… simple fixes that significantly reduce workplace stress.

When new ergonomic equipment will involve significant changes to job tasks/workflow, Ergonomicworks’ experts can develop training programs to ensure effective implementation.