Employee Training

Employee Training

ErgonomicWorks training is designed to provide a higher level of employee understanding and awareness of proper ergonomic health, safety and wellness topics – for organizations in the LA and San Francisco regions, and throughout the US.

Training programs. We develop programs that provide hands on, practical ergonomic training that truly engages employees. Your staff members will be active participants in training, not just ‘attendees.’ One of our engagement techniques is to use pictures, videos and examples or case studies directly from your workplace to help the audience apply learning to everyday work.

After an Ergonomicworks certified Professional Ergonomist evaluates your organizational needs (e.g., work station layouts, overall office design, and specific tasks for each job type), we’ll develop a customized training program – including curricula, materials and follow-up. One (or more) of our expert trainers will lead classroom-style sessions (and individual instruction as needed) at your workplace location(s).

Post-training, we’ll evaluate success. ErgonomicWorks will conduct a survey and perform quantitative analysis to measure the effectiveness of the training we provided for your business, lab, university or other type of organization. If we identify any learning gaps, we’ll recommend targeted retraining to ensure all employees (or students or other stakeholders being trained) have achieved a pre-set level of ergonomic safety knowledge.

In addition to traditional ergonomic training, we create and lead fun wellness special-events. For one client, we recently planned and launched a company-wide Stretch Break Week program: a mix of targeted educational messages (via posters and articles) and participation incentives (e.g., prizes and giveaways). The program was such a success it is now an annual event.

Office ergonomic: employee awareness and how-to instruction. ErgonomicWorks’ training promotes an ongoing behavior-based, proactive workplace safety culture that greatly reduces accidents, injuries, and lost time, which may result in fewer workers’ compensation claims.

The office ergonomic training program(s) we’ll design for your organization will introduce a range of ergonomic-focused interventions to minimize risk factors, and increase employee comfort while performing job tasks. How-to training for employees includes:

  • Proper use of existing ergonomic equipment and any new tools being introduced (upon your approval)
  • Changing work approaches (e.g., body posture and minimizing repetitive motions)
  • Exercises to incorporate into daily routines, such as scheduling more frequent breaks and stretching muscles

Safety training. ErgonomicWorks’ training services aren’t just about job tasks; our goal is to create a safe work environment that promotes ergonomic health. Examples of our health and safety training include creating an Illness Prevention Program (IPP), and a comprehensive Emergency Response plan.

To develop a custom IPP, ErgonomicWorks will conduct a health and safety audit. Then, we’ll create a plan of action to address issues related to facilities, equipment, and work practices – and provide prevention and safety intervention training. IPP plans offer solutions to hazards, such as respiratory protection, hearing conservation equipment, and prevention and safety intervention training.

An Emergency Response plan (an extension of the IPP) ensures development of and proper performance of evacuation and shelter-in-place drills, and hazard communications protocols.

Ergonomic Team development. To maintain ergonomic safety standards, we’ll help form an internal group comprised of your employees who will: monitor behavior-based and environmental safety compliance, and take ownership of keeping emergency response plans up to date. Training for Ergonomic Team members will focus on: understanding ergonomic principles, using ergonomic checklists, learning how to measure data, conducting brainstorming sessions, and choosing optimum resolutions.