Azadeh, was very helpful in my workspace. She made suggestions for a more comfortable work environment. Because of her suggestions and efficiency in follow thru, my work has vastly improved. I not uncomfortable at my desk, my time management is better and my manager has also taken notice. I am grateful to Azedeh for all her help.


Working in the Information Technology field requires many hours of screen viewing and hours of sitting at your desk, this all leads to headaches, and upper body discomfort. I called Azadeh to assist with my working area, Azadeh was very responsive and was quick to assist in providing me a better work area that I still use today. Azadeh truly is exceptionally knowledgeable in this field and is a credit to her studies.


Azadeh was consulted for her knowledge and understanding of work related Ergonomic issues at my workstation. She was of great help analyzing the work environment and working with me and my division in planning and implementing solutions to allow me to continue my work without pain or injury. I recommend her highly for her skills and professionalism.


Azadeh has provided ergonomic support for my work station and she has been highly effective in that. Through her knowledge and understanding, she has been able to properly assess how I can be able to reduce chances of injury while not hindering my performance on the job. Thanks Azadeh!


“…Azadeh is a pleasure to work with. She is passionate and extremely knowledgeable of latest Environmental Health and Safety rules and regulations. Her ability to quickly analyze situations and provide best practice solutions with complete follow-through is highly commendable. She maintains a true balance between professionalism, while understanding the humanistic elements which are why she is an asset to any corporation!”

OSHA Statement

The evidence OSHA has assembled and analyzed indicates that technologically and economically feasible measures are available to significantly reduce exposures to ergonomic risk factors and the risk of developing work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)