About – ErgonomicWorks

about_03On behalf of the Ergonomicworks group, I’d like to welcome you to our Website. This site will provide you with practical, user-friendly information on office and laboratory workstation design; ergonomic assessment tools, products, and intranet program.

We are also able to offer our clients the services of our Ergonomic consultant to evaluate a work area being designed or upgraded. Our Ergonomist’s advice and recommendations will enable you to create an ergonomic workspace which optimizes accessibility, usability, safety and comfort for your staff and customers.

Ergonomicworks has saved hundreds of companies thousands of dollars in lost time, claims, and employee pain and discomfort by providing ergonomic training and performing preventative Ergonomic Evaluations. Also on several accounts we have saved companies on equipment costs by training employees on chair and equipment operations and adjustments.

We know that every individual has specific needs for their work environment, so the customer service we provide is 100% focused on you! Our team of experts takes pride in ensuring each user gets the right products for their needs. We have helped thousands of people find solutions that work. It’s what we do allow our team to help you too.


Expert Service

Our company is supported by a team of experts, including a Professional Ergonomist and engineer with over 10 years of workplace assessment and product design experience, ready to assist with your ergonomic, safety or productivity related needs. We provide our customers expert advice regarding the purchase and use of office furniture and assessment equipment. For more personalized attention, contact our team of trained experts; we are happy to offer up any advice and product recommendations via phone, email. We can provide you with a solution or point you in the right direction.


How do we go above and beyond for our customers?


We find solutions for you

We offer human solutions that comfort and support our customers every day. The feedback and stories we get from our customers are extremely rewarding to our team.


We test and evaluate our products

Products we recommend are evaluated by our ergonomist to meet a specific need. Our team uses ergonomic products on a daily basis. We know the benefits of working in a more user-friendly environment.


We drive ergonomic principles

We want to help customers find products, tools and innovative ideas that have been researched, developed and produced based on ergonomic principles.


Company History & Founder

Our founder Azadeh Imandel started the business in 2012 when, as an Ergonomics Specialist, she saw many people buying ergonomic products without understanding how they were helping from an ergonomics perspective. Azi knew ergonomics but had no idea how to run a business except for a desire to offer exceptional customer service and expert advice. Luckily Azi’s Ergonomic and Environmental Health and Safety background, along with her focus on serving and educating her customers, translated well into running a business and the company has grown from there.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to deliver sincere, world-class service and provide solutions that benefit our customers. We base our company vision and strategy on these core values

  • Recommending the highest quality products available
  • Delighting our customers in every aspect of their experience
  • Fostering team member happiness and excellence
  • Caring about our communities & our environment
  • Promoting customer health through ergonomic education

Customer Testimonials

  • Ms. Imandel is detail-oriented person with amicable personality.

    Shaojun. Z
  • Azadeh would be a great asset to any company. She is very familiar with her field of business.

  • Azadeh (Azi) is really helpful and responsible person. Azi have been helping me for the first week I started to work. She is great specialist and nice person to work with.