Azadeh (Azi) is really helpful and responsible person. Azi have been helping me for the first week I started to work. She is great specialist and nice person to work with.


She is highly educated as a safety specialist, and she is very interested in her occupation. It is a great pleasure to attend the safety meetings where she highlights important safety concerns and explains the proper procedure to deal with and/or resolve them. She is always up-to-date with all safety procedures/developments, and she is able to communicate them effectively with all members. I personally believe that she has far exceeded the standards of her work and have no doubt that she will continue to do the same in any future position. She is also very personable and friendly. Every time I need her assistance, I am sure that I will receive her prompt attention and support. Therefore, I give my strongest endorsement to Azadeh and I am certain that any organization she works in will be a better and a safer place for all the members.


I met Azadeh when I submitted an Office Discomfort Survey. There were some adjustments in my workstation which included a 5-G keyboard Tray to relieve neck and shoulder discomfort. Azadeh, is truly a professional, highly skilled in her area of Environmental Health and Safety for her fellow colleagues, provides clear and Concise recommendations & instructions. If you are looking for a great communicator and sharp in her business unit, I highly recommend Azadeh Imandel.


Azadeh does a great job in ergonomic assessment of workspace. She listens to people’s problem, analyzes workspace and makes recommendations to prevent injury and stress. She also follows up with clients and takes feedback to make assessment of her recommendations. Her recommendations cured neck and shoulder pain that was experiencing for months.


Azadeh came into my office to help set up my chair and computer ergonomically after I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hand which I was told was the early signs of carpel tunnel.
After the adjustment I immediately started feeling better and am incredibly grateful for her help. She did a great job and is a pleasure to work with.


I am an internal customer of Azadeh in her role as an Ergonomic, Safety and Compliance Specialist. I am very appreciative of her kindness in assisting end users like myself to identify ergonomic and safety challenges and provide effective, as well as easy to follow solutions. She is very knowledgeable about safety and ergonomics. She readily shares this knowledge in such a way that is easier to understand and comply. I also interact with Azadeh in her role as Compliance Specialist and she is very detail oriented and performs follow up in a very supportive way. She is such a joy to work with and a subject matter expert of her field


Azadeh, was very helpful in my workspace. She made suggestions for a more comfortable work environment. Because of her suggestions and efficiency in follow thru, my work has vastly improved. I not uncomfortable at my desk, my time management is better and my manager has also taken notice. I am grateful to Azedeh for all her help.