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Product Description

The Ergonomic Works Company is serving California community in Los Angeles area. We specialize in  ergonomic evaluation and injury prevention services, and our staff offers successful proactive ergonomic programs for the workplace you can count on.

Also remote office ergonomics assessment is available worldwide and is a good solution for those who are not near an Ergonomic Consultant who can provide an on-site assessment. We have developed another method for assisting employers in their efforts to meet the needs of their employees in these times of fiscal responsibility. For situations where an on-site evaluation is geographically impractical or too costly, we offer a remote online assessment. The employee completes a brief two page questionnaire and provides optional digital images of their work area. An ergonomic professional will assess and provide recommendations based upon the questionnaire and images provided. For more information please click on above Remote Ergonomic Assessment.

Level One  “Mini-Evaluation”

Level One is a, concise and effective option when an individualized approach is  necessary. In just 20 minutes modifications are suggested “on the spot” to promote a better fit between the worker and their workstation. Designed for the low-risk and symptom free employee, this is a particularly effective way to evaluate individual employees. In addition, Level One is useful when upgrading office equipment, renovating or relocating. Level One Ergonomic evaluation, will qualify as a good faith effort” under OSHA.

Level Two “Protective”

Level Two is a comprehensive 55-minute individual workstation evaluation, with a detailed report. Level Two is appropriate for employees with complaints of work-related pain/discomfort or groups of individuals in ergonomic “red  flag” areas (data entry, call centers, materials handling, etc.). “Protective” evaluations are designed to eliminate current complaints and prevent future incidents.

Level Three “Post-Injury”

Level Three is a personalized analysis of the workspace performed during or after medical intervention (work or non-work related injuries). Designed to ease return to work and maximize the employee’s capability, the Level Three evaluation, which includes an in-depth report, helps reduce health care costs and eliminate or reduce ergonomic hazards. Medical providers often prescribe”Post Injury” ergonomic evaluations.

Level Four “Follow-Up”

These visits are designed to ensure workstation recommendations and equipment modifications have been implemented properly. Individuals who received either a mini or formal evaluation in the past will be re-visited by an ergonomist. The visit will last 10-15 minutes. A short questionnaire is administered to indicate if further action is needed and is attached to the initial evaluation.

Ergonomic Equipment

Ergonomic Works can be your knowledgeable guide to ensure that the most appropriate furniture and accessories are selected for specific job tasks. Ergonomic experts will help avoid a purchase based solely on aesthetics, price, or a misguided sales pitch, but rather on functionality, safety and long-term value.

Eliminate the stress of sifting through the multitude of “ergonomic” furniture and accessories that are not really what they claim to be. We will make your workplace a better fit and help you get the most “bang for your buck”.


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